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Why let your shoes spoil your evening?
"If your feet hurt, your whole body hurts".  
That searing ball-of-foot pain is not an exclusive high heels problem.  Some people, even men, experience this pain in regular shoes.  It's called Metatarsalgia, and is usually felt right behind the second toe.  Being on your toes wearing heels just exaggerates the problem that causes the pain: 

The bone of contention (hah - pun intended) A short and elevated first metatarsal.  

All the pressure focuses on the second metatarsal

It's easy to recognize if your feet are prone to ball-of-foot pain and deformations like bunions and hammertoes.  Morton's Foot Syndrome is recognized by a longer appearing second toe OR deeper cut first web space.  This foot is also associated with an elevated first metatarsal which simply means the first metatarsal is not carrying its fair share of the load.  Instead the second metatarsal takes a beating.  When you're wearing heels, most of your weight shifts to the forefoot, and the pain increases as you grind the second metatarsal into the shoe.  In high heels, the angle of the metatarsal bones is also steeper, so the length differential exaggerates the problem further. 

Morton's foot Syndrome

Learn more: mortonsfoot.com

The solutions offered by the shoe industry are more cushioning (air, gel and foam pads), but this is a situation where adding another thin layer of cushioning won't solve the problem.  The "super material" needed to cushion the extreme pressure from your full body weight, all focused under your poor second metatarsal, has not yet been invented. There are many choices in the stores from cute to functional looking products, but you'll be disappointed.  Seems they're either too thin to work or so thick they leave you feeling unstable and cramped in your shoes.

The New Podiatry Fix:
For years podiatrists have offered no solution other than recommending you use some kind of metatarsal cushion like you can find in so many hosiery, shoe departments, and drug stores.  Since most people say they don't help much, slip around, and make the shoe too tight, the most avant-guarde podiatrists have started offering a new fix. Podiatrists are split on the efficacy of this new procedure, but a number of them now offer Restylane or collagen injections to plump up the ball of the foot - specifically the area behind the big toe.    Why plump the area behind the first toe, when the pain is behind the second toe?  That's because finally podiatrists have discovered what we have known for years.  By injecting the area behind the big toe to plump it up it offloads the weight from the second metatarsal so your pain goes away.  Fortunately we have a much less expensive, safe, and non invasive product that will give you a better result. 

Solemate™ MicroLifts™
attach to the ball of the foot so they can go with you from shoe to shoe or even barefoot for total comfort and freedom from common foot and body pain.  They are made of ultra light EVA, and can be used more than once. 



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Concealed under the feet, the Solemate™ Comfort MicroLifts are designed to redistribute the pressures and alleviate that searing ball-of-foot pain.  The MicroLifts stick to the feet like a band aid with the same skin friendly adhesive.  They are easy to apply and remove, and for most, may be reapplied. 

Feels like it plumps your feet 

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