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I was able to wear a pair of 3 1/2 in heels all evening comfortably... I haven't worn these heels in years.  I am impressed!! 
Susan - WI


Tested by women just like you!

90% said ball-of -foot pain was significantly reduced 

73% said Solemate™ removed ball-of-foot pain completely

Great for improved balance in Yoga and Pilates.

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SKU: SM-03-M or SM-03-L

3 pair Solemate Comfort MicroLifts 

                                  $9.95 +s&h

Attach Solemates™ to your feet or your shoes. 
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  SKU: SM-12-M or SM-03-L

 12 pair Solemate Comfort MicroLifts

                            $31.85 +s&h

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Concealed under the feet, the Solemate™ Comfort MicroLifts are designed to redistribute the pressures and alleviate that searing ball-of-foot pain.  The MicroLifts stick to the feet like a band aid with the same skin friendly adhesive.  They are easy to apply and remove, and for most, may be reapplied. 

Feels like it plumps your feet - much safer and far less expensive than Restylane injections.